Your Story Matters And Needs To Be Shared.

Your Story Matters and Needs To Be Shared

Your story matters and must be shared. Don’t believe me? Give me a chance to explain why I know this to be true.

Stories are powerful. They can convince us to purchase things, to change our opinions and lifestyles, to spend a weekend binge-watching a TV show, or lose sleep finishing an entertaining novel.

These types of stories can inform our decisions, inspire us to action, and drive us to influence others because of what we have seen and heard. We share these stories because they matter to us.

Similarly, my life story and yours were informed, inspired, and influenced by others; they matter and must be shared.

My life story was informed, inspired, and influenced by others.

My family believed that a good education was essential to my personal development. We made a trip to the library at least once a week.  

I still remember the child-like sense of awe I felt surrounded by a building that housed nothing but books. And I could borrow them for free.

I fell in love with the library, so much so that I worked at that same library while I was in High School.  

your story matters and needs to be shared
I grew up loving the library.

I pursued a career that involved public speaking because of a childhood speech therapist who inspired me. As a teenager, my doctor was continually reminded that I should have died in childbirth and that God must have a purpose for my life.  

My father and mother dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and helping others. They introduced me to men and women who served not because of financial reward but out of love. Men and women were willing to live and die for something greater than themselves. Men and women who taught me that my story was important and needed to be shared.

Your story was informed, inspired, and influenced by others.

Now might be a good time to grab a pen and paper or use an app on your phone or computer to write down some brief answers to the following questions.

As you answer these questions, take a moment to consider your responses.  Perhaps you will learn something new about yourself.  

  • What are your sources of information? Are they beneficial or harmful to you? How have they impacted the way you think about yourself and others?  
  • Who or what inspired you? Was it your admiration or contempt for an individual or a belief in a higher cause than yourself that motivated you?
  • Who or what influenced you to take action in your life?

If you have a moment, write a short paragraph in story form about the information, inspiration, and influences that have impacted you. Not every story will be positive, but every story is a part of our life narrative.

Welcome back. Can I ask a very personal question? No one is listening, so you can be sincere. What story have you been telling yourself about yourself?

You may believe you have no value and that you are just taking up space. But that is not true; you do matter.

Your Story Matters. Share it.

Your story has a positive impact on others, whether you recognize it or not. Don’t laugh. It’s true.  

You probably can remember every negative interaction. But you quickly forget the positive impact you have on others.  

  • You listened to someone who was hurting.
  • You bought food for someone short on cash.
  • You invited someone new into your circle of friends.
  • You encouraged someone to pursue their dreams.
  • You were there for others when they experience joy and sadness.

Your story matters. It needs to be shared, and someone is desperate to hear it.

You may wonder why no one has called to let you know what a difference you made in someone’s life. Like you, maybe, they got busy and forgot to call and tell you how much you meant to them.

Let me speak on their behalf.

I can hear them saying, “Your life matters and my life is better because of you. Thank you for showing up when I needed you. I just got busy. I always meant to tell you what a difference you made in my life.”

Now multiply that by one hundred. Because not only did you impact that individual’s life, you affected the people they met as well.

Let’s try that again. Please read that quote again, but this time insert your name at the beginning of the quote. Here is what mine would look like.

“Darrell, your life matters to me. My life is better because of you. Thank you for showing up when I needed you. I just got busy. I always meant to tell you what a difference you made in my life.”

Did you do it? If not, why not? Come on, you can do it.

Doesn’t that feel awesome?

I have something I want to say to you as well.

You matter to me; you are the reason I feel compelled to write.

I think about you every time I sit down to write. I imagine the heartaches, joys, obstacles, opportunities, fears, and hopes you experience daily.

I believe we share a lot in common. We both live in a broken world, surrounded by broken people, and we are both longing to be a little less broken today than we were yesterday.

I believe in you, and I am not the only one.

Your story matters to God; he unconditionally loves you and is invested in you. The God of the universe, the master storyteller, wants to write a redemptive love story about you. You are important to him. The best news? Your story is not finished yet.

Call to Action

Why not call someone whose story mattered to you? Or take the time to listen to someone else’s story? Ask them to tell you who informed, inspired, and influenced their lives for good or evil. Then tell them your story because it matters. Youtube has a great selection of material about why your story matters.