Your Story.

Your Story

Your story needs to be told. Stories have immense power. My observation is that every man has a story to tell, even the quiet ones.

As men, we can long for someone who will sympathetically listen to our story. But fear of rejection can cause us to not tell our stories.

As men, we can long for someone who will sympathetically listen to our story. But fear of rejection can cause us to not tell our stories. Click To Tweet

We can have difficulty in discussing our wounds. We can silence ourselves and in doing so we are powerless to heal. Every story gains value when someone listens to it.

Jesus understood the power of stories and used them to teach others about himself.

My friends marvel at my unwavering belief that I have an appropriate story for any occasion. Notice I said belief, not ability.

My encounter with a master storyteller.

My father was a bi-vocational minister and he and his friends were master-storytellers. I had the opportunity to listen to them as they displayed their craft.

They told personal stories of wonder, triumph and hope. They told stories that illustrated the evil that was present in the world.

They told stories of their personal failures. Of embarrassing moments that left me laughing until my sides hurt. They competed for who could tell the most convincing lie about the fish they almost caught. They regaled me with jokes that… Click To Tweet

Here is one of my favorites.

There was a young man who went to prison. On his first day, he noticed a group of older inmates in the cafeteria who were laughing loudly. He moved in closer to listen and see what they were laughing at.

One of the older inmates said, “Five” and the group began to laugh. A few moments later, a second inmate said, “Eighteen” and again the inmates began to laugh.

Intrigued by this the young man asked the guard on duty why saying a number resulted in laughter.

“They have been here for decades serving life sentences together,” said the officer. “There isn’t a joke that they haven’t heard or told. They’ve numbered the jokes as a kind of short-hand.”

Hearing this, the young man walked over to the group. He got their attention and said, “Four”, but no one laughed. They ignored him.

The young man walked back to the prison guard confused and disappointed. “I don’t know what I did wrong”, said the young man.

“Is four not funny?” The officer replied, “No. Four is funny, but it’s all in how you tell it.”

source unknown

Whether we have met face to face or through the words on this page, I can affirm that you are unique and worthy of love. Your story needs to be heard.

Your Story: The Secret is in how you tell it.

  1. Tell it to yourself first. What kind of story are you telling yourself? Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are negative. We hear the critical voices of our family or origin. Consumed by guilt, shame, and self-doubt we can become paralyzed.

2. Tell it to men you trust. Who do you know that you can be honest with? It is possible that they are struggling with the same issues that you are facing. Isolating ourselves from others is dangerous.

3. Tell it to a professional. Your health care provider can recommend resources to assist you. Many cities and local churches will offer a few counseling sessions for free. Choosing to seek help is not a weakness, but a show of strength.

What steps will you take this week to tell your story?

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