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What Is The Benefit Of Being A Social Misfit?

benefit of being a social misfit

What is the benefit of being a social misfit? First, as a social misfit, you have a unique identity, perspective, and purpose that benefits yourself and society.

We have previously defined a ‘social misfit‘ as an individual who does not conform to the views of what is normal or acceptable in society.

The First Benefit Of Being A Social Misfit Is Having A Unique Identity.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone like you. No one in history has had the exact combination of your family of origin, social and economic status, and physical attributes. Like an individual snowflake, you are unique. Your ability to define yourself in response to those factors is a fantastic gift. You are living proof that every story matters.

What is the benefit of having a unique identity for you as an individual?

Self-determination. You get to determine who you are. You choose your adventure. The total of your joys and hardships are yours alone. No one else will have or experience a life identical to yours.

As a culture, we find strength in diversity. Your willingness to express your individuality and share who you are enriches us.

Your unique identity gives you a unique perspective that society needs.

The Second Benefit Of Being A Social Misfit Is Having A Unique Perspective.

Your family of origin, social and economic status, and physical attributes affect your worldview.

Every person in a family has a different perspective.

Imagine that you are a family going to an amusement park.

If you are a toddler, you see bright lights, tall people, and the hand tightly holding yours.

If you are a preteen, you see adventure and an opportunity to get away from your parents.

You see your toddler and preteen siblings as a nuisance if you are a teenager.

If you are a parent, how you act and respond at the amusement park will be impacted by your prior family experiences.

Your social and economic status affects how you view the world.

Imagine that you are going to the same amusement park. Are you going alone or in a group? Do you have enough resources to eat, ride, and play with the group? All of these things will influence how you view the experience.

Your physical attributes affect how you view the world. For example, imagine you are going to the same amusement park.

If you are under four feet tall, there are some activities you are not allowed to do. In addition, your race and gender may affect how you view the experience. 

What is the benefit of having a unique perspective for you as an individual?

You have the joy of creation. You see possibilities; you dream, you imagine. You see the world for what it could be.

As a culture, we benefit from the beauty you create and reveal. But we also benefit from what you show us that we do not want to see. You see a society’s dangers that exclude individuals based on racism, gender, or economic power. You fight injustice, poverty, racism, and intolerance and call us to join you.

Your unique perspective fuels your unique sense of purpose.

benefit of being a social misfit
A social misfit has a unique identity, perspective, and purpose.

The Third Benefit Of Being A Social Misfit Is Your Recognition That We All Have A Unique Purpose In This World.

There are over a billion responses on Google to the question, “what is the meaning of life?”

As a social misfit, you are the first to ask crucial questions. You ask, “who am I, why am I here, why do I matter?” “Why do we do things this way?” Why isn’t everyone included? Is this fair?

What is the benefit of having a unique purpose for you?

As a social misfit, You start searching for meaning while young enough to make a difference. As a result, you do not waste the precious gift of time.

According to Viktor Frankl, life’s meaning lies in finding a purpose and taking responsibility for ourselves and others; by having a straightforward “why,” we can face all life’s “how” questions.

Viktor Emil Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor. He is the author of “A Man’s Search For Meaning.” I highly recommend reading this book.

As a culture, we benefit from your sense of purpose. You remind us that we are all here to make a difference. You call us to be compassionate advocates for change. You help us to find meaning.

What I believe about you.

I believe you are uniquely made, a masterpiece, from the master craftsman. God created you for a relationship with him; you are loved, wanted, and treasured. You are God’s creation. He has identified you as his own.

I believe that God sees you. He understands your perspective because he sent his Son, Jesus, into this world to experience what you experience. Jesus was despised and rejected by men. He was a social misfit like you and me. Jesus died to pay the price for our misdeeds and willful disobedience. He rose to life to free you and me from the power of shame. 

I believe that meaning in life comes from knowing God, being fully understood by him, and making Him known to others.


Will you recognize your uniqueness is a gift, not a curse? Will you act on what you see? Will you find your purpose in this world and the next? I can’t wait to see what a difference you will make in other people’s lives.

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